Modern Survival for the First Responder


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┬áThis course is specifically constructed for first responders to get some free and incredibly useful education and at the same time, get some good solid “dirt time” to be used for mental health maintenance. The class will go from 0900-1600 on Friday, August 26. It is not required, but feel free to come on Thursday night if you like to camp out and have campfire time before the class. This class on Friday will cover the basics of: Improvised First Aid (Top 3 Injuries in the backcountry and how to prevent or treat them) Land Navigation (Map, Compass, and GPS) Shelter Building (How to spend a nickel and have one of the best shelters in the world) Fire Building (Come play with fire, I am sure we will have someone that can put it out on hand) Water Procurement in the Wild (Natural and man-made tools to get clean water) Edible and Medicinal Plants, Traps, Gigs And….more….. This will not be a hard-core survival class (we may do that later) where we will be eating bugs and getting wet and sandy. It is a class where you will learn a ton of useful information you can use for you and your family in the event of an unexpected disaster event. This class is free to first responders and all materials and lunch will be provided on Friday. Bring yourself and come learn and enjoy doing so. Plan on leaving work behind. This course is taught by Craig Caudill, Director of Nature Reliance School, and assisted by staff from Camp Hero, and Nature Reliance School. Craig is a nationally recognized subject matter expert on the subjects of modern survival, man tracking and other backcountry skills. He regularly trains military and first responders on the federal, state, and local level.


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